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SMART Infrastructure for Your Business

  • Do you know what’s in the Cloud: When cloud services were first announced, the ease of use and cost savings were used as bait. Two decades later there are many problems bubbling up, specially for small businesses. We’ll summarize.
  • Cloud services and escalating bills: Cost pressure is not just about ever-increasing rates and usage. There are multiple hidden costs that may not be immediately apparent. Let’s explore some of the hidden problems that can drive up your overhead.
  • Operating Systems, Office Files and Websites: Soon, even your Operating System (such as Windows 12) will be cloud-based. In addition to storing all your files, websites, and emails in the cloud, all your activities will be under the control of Big Tech. We'll explore alternatives in more detail.

Join us to upgrade your business infrastructure with smart, on-premises solutions, ensuring you own your data while staying efficient, secure, and responsive to market changes.

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